Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thank you to all that purchased my Ebook

Good morning everyone,
I want to thank all of you who purchased my Ebook and spread the word about it. It hit me like a shockwave of how great the response to my book is.
Never really thought that it would have been that successful and that you guys are spreading the word about it, big thank you to all of you.
Things look great right now and my goals to visit my Family in Germany after over 8 years of being away from them, seems more possible then ever. Wish that it works out and that my other goals of driving through Canada in an RV and take more shots is coming closer and closer.
I am very touched about your support and would like to thank everyone of you.
Thank you soo much,
Here a some sample pages of the book that can be purchased here.

To purchase just click me, link opens in new window.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finally the book is out

Finally after all the little sneak previews the book is finally out. Over 50 Pages with over 50 Photographies, a journey through Calgary seen with my eyes.
Check it out here
Grab your copy today, thank you for your support

Youtube alternative to get yourself or your ideas exposed

Good morning everyone and good day to the later viewers, today I looked at an alternative to the very dominant Youtube. 
In the old days I sold many Items on eBay and used Youtube to show the Item more in detail, this increased my sales by about 80% in my case. It never crossed my mind that other platforms could be out there and therefore be used to expose you or your product to a wider audience. 
If you do a lot of online sales or even depend on it like I do right now, then you have to find more then just one platform for your purpose.
I will start using metacafe besides Youtube and would like to hear about your experience with metacafe or even other simular platforms. Of course I will share my experience with you on upcoming posts and what I like or dislike.
Just leave a comment under this post and let me hear about the other places you might have stumbled on and got some experience with.
Thank you and have a great day.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Music I made with Garageband and my MPC

This is a result of freestyle Friday, as all know I am working on my first Photography ebook and sometimes I just need a break from it. The launch will be someday this week and will be about everyday snapshots I take.  I am planning on 10 Volumes of snapshots from this city and hope that I can realize through the income of the books my next goal. Paying a bit for life and saving towards a mobile home aka RV to travel for a few years my great country Canada and take pictures for new upcoming books.
Of course there will be news about this on the blog here and lots of videos in a vlog style.
Now Enjoy the Music:

Have a great day and Keep your head up.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beat and Book Sneak PEEK!!

No fresh postings for a long time and I felt really guilty, the other project my ebook, was using lots of my spare time up. Taking Pictures editing the book, programs that crashed and so on.
Now with Scribus, the deal is pretty much sealed. Just a few more days of fine tuning some little things here and there and everything should be soon available. Please have a look at a few pages that I took screenshots from. Over 58 pages full of pictures that I took in about 3 months on my daily trips through the city. From full coloured to BW everything is packed in this tasteful little book.
Stay tuned for more info in the next coming days and now have fun listening to my new tune I am working on and enjoy the preview of the book.
Thank you for your time and have a great one,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I know I little posting but here is the reason

Hi there again,
yes I know not much going on right now you are thinking, but I am working actually on my goal.
Yes you heard right, a goal towards a journey that I should have taken long ago but always found a reason to avoid it.
I traveled always a lot in the country and took lots of pictures all the time and was really thinking about how to get one day a book out with my "art".
And that is what I am doing right now, I am in pretty much final stage of editing it in my open source DTP program called Scribus. Without this magnificent peace of Software this dream would have never come true to me.
I am really proud that I can soon present the full book as ebook version for now, wish that I can raise enough to maybe get some hard copies done. Hard copies would be great when I hit the road with an RV this or next year to travel through Canada taking pictures of places in my style.
With me will be an very excellent Songwriter and Singer that I will follow with m camera to her Stages on her tour through Canada.
Right now I can only say what "simply red" once is too tight to mention, I know my quality of work and am sure that this book will be greatly appreciated.
I see photography like music, you have to recreate your art instead of following the Hurd all the time and wonder why you never get anywhere. I have my own style, a bit of traditional mixed with fresh flavours. I don't want every picture polished till nothing that satisfied me that moment is gone.

Give me a few more days and follow me till release day.
Thank you,

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yawcam Surveillance update

Remember my post yesterday? How to set up and use motion detection?
This morning around 3:49am (mountain daytime MDT), I had 2-3 visitors on the porch again, due to my settings of the camera, Yawcam was not able to make a face shot of any of them. But I noticed that it seems mostly around 3-4 that visitors arrive. Guessing that a night staying up and catching them will do the trick. Tired of people hanging out and searching for stuff to take.
Changed the settings back to area instead of whole picture, hope that this makes a difference in being able to catch them.
Here a few shots:
 Hard to get any faces!
 2 People to see
looks like 3 all together!?
The Camera is now set up a bit different and hoping to catch better faces next time. This time it seems other then having your privacy bit damaged nothing else is missing.